Centro Massaggi Tradizionali Thailandesi a Roma

Via Bergamo 32A (Zona Piazza Fiume)


Mob. 349.57.93.265


What is Thai Massage?

Massaggio ThailandeseFor Thai massage (for many also known as Thai massage), is a type of massage is traditionally performed in the region of South East Asia, peninsula of Siam.

And 'known to be a kind of healing massage and to be able to practice you need to follow specialized courses. Although Thailand is recognized and regulated by the government and taught at public institutions in Europe, however, is not yet recognized by medical science.

The technique requires that the person receiving the massage lying on the mat which should not be too soft. For this reason it must be run on laying the mat on the floor.
At Malaithai massage is performed on special beds very spacious and suitable for this kind of practice.

Thai massage involves a series of positions rigidly codified. However, there are different styles that depend on the schools in which the practice is taught.

Both the masseur massaged and wear comfortable clothes posing allow comfortable movement.

At Massage Center Malaithai each patient receives appropriate clothing for the performance of traditional Thai massage.

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